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Management & Strategic Consulting

We don't claim to be experts on your business. We don't over promise or give you the answers you want to hear. We partner with our clients, so we can use the best knowledge from both parts to achieve your goals.

We are committed to listen very carefully, so we can think, analyze and envision out of the box solutions, following local and global ideas and trends, to elaborate realistic and efficient strategies.

If you need a hands-on approach, Papiko Inc. can help you to put the plan into action, side by side with you. Also, we assist in management organization and family succession.

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Financial Planning and Restructuring

Financial resources and optimal capital structures are of utmost importance, a foundation for any business. Capital is not the answer to all your ideas or your needs, but a lack of necessary funds can prevent you from accomplishing your dreams.

We analyze your financial performance and come up with viable solutions, always having in mind what you could do with every dollar infusion you might receive.

Return and payback are two concepts that will be the key to financial stability and success.

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Digital Solutions

We develop and execute tailored projects for your small business. By adopting digital tools you will be able to manage your business more efficiently and offer your clients a better experience.

Responsive websites, selling online, social media campaigns , digital marketing strategies, custom apps and online security are among the tools that might be a corporative game changer, helping you to save time, money and grow your company.

Also, we believe in cost-effective expenditures, that can have the most surprisingly positive outcome. Get in touch.

Angel Investment and Private Equity

Our team is searching for projects with developed business plans and/or a track record. Our interest lies in the following areas: consumer products, retail, fashion and apparel, food and restaurant, sports (teams, athletic equipment, athletic apparel, and fitness), pet-related businesses, beauty, wellness, baby and children products and services, and overseas expansions.

​If you are an entrepreneur, looking for capital injection, professional mentoring or advisory work, click here and send us your project.

Partner with Us

Our services are designed to help and assist entrepreneurs who are looking to expand, optimize and reach a sustainable and profitable next level. Papiko Inc. aims to connect with individuals who have innovative, unique, and ethical projects with growth and profitability potential.

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